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3 ways to get your family to meaningfully participate in STEM Education

October 19, 2019

October 19, 2019

What do the world’s biggest companies, including Amazon, Facebook, and Apple all have in common? They are all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) driven companies. STEM careers and businesses are the fastest growing in the United States. On top of that STEM careers pay twice as much as non-STEM professions. However, Black people comprise a mere nine percent of all STEM professionals. According to the Department of Labor, Black youth are the racial group least likely to enter STEM careers. How can Black parents cultivate an interest in STEM in their children so that they seek these lucrative opportunities? By making STEM L.I.T. or fun for children.

“According to the Department of Labor, Black youth are the racial group least likely to enter STEM careers.”

Here are three ways your family can make STEM L.I.T. for your children:

Locating STEM- related venues to take your family.

Check out this link to our directory of family-friendly STEM Centers in the U.S.

Identifying fun STEM-themed books your children can read. Check out our list of STEM-focused children’s books featuring black characters

Trying at least one new STEM-focused activity. Check out this link to Science Buddies which features STEM-focused projects and activities parents can do with their children.

We need to increase diversity in STEM so that the next generation of Steve Jobs’, Elon Musk’s, and Mark Zuckerberg’s come from Black communities.


By introducing our children to STEM through fun and engaging activities.

Research studies indicate that to increase the number of Black students pursuing STEM careers, they must be exposed to it from a young age and find it relatable. If we nurture an enthusiasm for STEM in our children in their formative years, we can increase the number of Black students pursuing STEM degrees and entrepreneurship. STEM is the future, and the future starts now.

G.A. Sealy

Award-winning author and educator


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