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“Our Children” — A Poetic Expression

July 15, 2019

July 15, 2019

Our children are our lift.

Our children are our gift.

Our children are our future,

Of joy, peace, and our path

Of motivation and love.

Our children are the mirror of society.

Our children are influenced and saturated with tools previous generations did not have.

A solid click,

Quick access to our children.

Quick access to less than suspicious minds.

A greater influence to impact young emotions, education, time and decisions.

Our children are our lift.

Our children are our gift.

Our children are our future.

Children help create family.

A caregiver are individuals who care for a dependent person albeit an adult, senior or child.

Involved relationships in the presence of children seems to be confused with caregivers or family.

Learning the difference,

Appears to be a life or death decision.

Clear boundaries need to be understood and regulated.

Who protects our children?

Who will stop being a bystander?

Who will stop being a follower?

So many leaders are among us.

So many innovators are among us.

So many mentors are among us.

For a greater society,

Who will be a role model?

To create a greater society of strength,

To create a greater society of wisdom,

To create a greater society of unity,

Individuals has to be wise.

Humanity has to be united.

Humanity is composed of seniors.

Humanity is composed of adults.

Humanity is composed of children.

Children are our lift.

Children are our gift.

Children are our future.

Children are not supposed to be survival tools.

Children are not supposed to be choices for violence.

Children are not tools of tug of war.

Children are born into a humanity carrying a deep history of violence, hate and stress.

However, humanity within itself has a deep history of strength, beauty and intelligence.

Remember, humanity includes you!

Children are pure beings of truth.

Children are unconditional beings with full abilities of emotions, intelligence and responsiveness.

They are keen and communicative,

More aware than we can understand

With a memory of a champion.

Insightful decisions, love, and humility.

Demonstrating all the greatness that’s within us,

Is all

Our children deserve.

Jo-Lynn Herbert, Licensed Master Social Worker

Author | Motivational Speaker

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