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Black Excellence STEM Puzzles For Kids

May 7, 2019

May 7, 2019

Puzzle Huddle creates puzzles with images of Black children achieving in STEM-related fields and more. Promoting a positive self-image in children is essential for their success as they grow into productive adults. Surround your children with positive toys to combat negative stereotypes and images that are recycled in the media. 

Matthew Goins, the founder of Puzzle Huddle.

“Children perceive and internalize the images around them. Having an opportunity to play with toys that contain diverse characters provides an opportunity for children to be affirmed and engage in imaginative play in a very personal way,” said Matthew Goins, a father of three who founded Puzzle Huddle. Goins launched Puzzle Huddle because he was frustrated with the lack of diverse images shown on commercially-produced puzzles and he began creating unique puzzle designs that feature Black children.

Puzzles are great for developing problem-solving and analytical skills in children. “Puzzles are a timeless toy and development tool for children,” said Goins. The time a child spends assembling a puzzle requires focus, discipline, and fine motor skills.

The Puzzle Huddle puzzles are affordable with the large puzzles averaging about $9.95. You can order the puzzles on their website at

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