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Forget Easter Baskets, Do A No-Sugar Easter Bag Instead

April 6, 2019

April 6, 2019

So one thing that I noticed is that there is a huge difference in the behavior of children who don’t eat sugar and those who do. I’ve literally seen a sweet little child become defiant after eating sugar on more than one occasion. I’ve observed children in several different scenarios and have come to my own unscientific conclusion that I will lean toward the absence of sugar for young children. 

Easter is right around the corner and that is the time for Peeps™, chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, Cadbury Eggs™, and more but this holiday, I am looking to create bags with no sugar items like boiled eggs that are dyed and sugar-free candy instead. There is even a better way to create an Easter basket that children will love, it’s an Easter bag! 

“I’ve literally seen a sweet little child become defiant after eating sugar on more than one occasion.”

I love sites like CafePress to create custom items and I used them this year to make these personalized tote bags.

Using items like t-shirts, books, and stuffed animals instead of candy will make an Easter gift that will keep much longer than candy.

In each personalized tote, I put a bunny t-shirt, African American books to inspire, their Easter outfit, and a stuffed animal. One of my favorite series of books is Little People, Big Dreams. They feature many inspirational people but I picked African-American leaders from the series to add to the Easter bags.

These are my favorite series of inspirational books to give as gifts for children.

I always purchase an informal Easter outfit for the children to wear to school before Easter and for after they change their formal clothes on Easter day. They will also find that outfit in their Easter bag as well.
The older children get a t-shirt and the babies get onesies. 
Each Easter bag has a t-shirt for the children to wear to school or after changing out of their formal clothes.

This is just a new way to avoid sugar and still have children enjoy getting a special gift for Easter.

Janice Robinson-Celeste

Publisher/Early Childhood Specialist

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