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“I’m A Big Kid” Cartoon Promotes Positive Mental Health

March 22, 2019

March 22, 2019

Ethnic Animations does it again with their newest animation, I’m A Big Kid. This video was inspired by the producer’s daughter who made up the little jingle while singing to her child that she was a big girl. “I thought to myself, wow, isn’t that a great way to empower a child? Especially today when bullying is in full force and children need to feel bigger in a huge world,” said Janice Robinson-Celeste, creator and she is also the publisher of Successful Black Parenting magazine.

I’m A Big Kid is an original story featuring a Black child in the inner city, but you must first take a journey through the jungle where you’ll meet an elephant, then to the Jurassic period, and all before you reach the city park. You can also buy the accompanying board book here.

This video promotes positive self-esteem, socio-emotional development, and positive mental health. And this simple little song seems to be a big hit with small children. “The children love to hear the song because it’s easy for them to sing and it is repetitive which is appropriate for the developmental ages of toddlers and preschoolers,” said Robinson-Celeste. “I hope everyone plays it for their young children. 

“This video promotes positive self-esteem, socio-emotional development, and positive mental health.”

In addition, Ethnic Animations promotes positive stories and songs for children of color, which are under-represented in the animation world. “You will see more animations coming from our company,” said Robinson-Celeste. “We are just getting started. We expect plenty of growing pains but we are growing and the plan is to create an entire catalog of songs on our new YouTube channel for Ethnic Animations.” Be sure to subscribe to be the first to know about new animation releases.

I’m A Big Kid will soon be coming to a store near you as a children’s book too. “All of our animations will soon be sold as board and picture books. I will announce it as soon as they are ready,” said Robinson-Celeste. Be sure to follow Successful Black Parenting on social media for more information and announcements.

“I’m A Big Kid” animation is one of the first original stories by Ethnic Animations. 

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