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Successful Black Parenting Features “Dope Black Dads Podcast”

February 1, 2019

February 1, 2019

Successful Black Parenting magazine is proud to collaborate with Dope Black Dads Podcast.

Last Father’s Day, Marvyn Harrison, an advertising executive from London, decided to create a WhatsApp group with all of the positive Black fathers he knew from New York, London, and South Africa. He wished them a Happy Fathers’ Day, congratulated them on the positive influence they make in their children’s lives, and for changing the perception of Black men for the better.

One year has passed and the group has grown and become a community of knowledge sharing, and support for each other. Topics discussed include co-parenting, co-habiting, marriage, fatherhood, blended families and much more.

During Black History Month this year, the group took the leap and started a podcast, with over 65 contributors from around the world, to represent the voice of Black fathers on a wider range of topics and to give people a greater understanding of the Black dads’ narrative.

Successful Black Parenting will feature Dope Black Dads Podcasts under our Dedicated Dads column. Listen to episodes from their first two seasons below.

Season 1
Season 2

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