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Fun STEM Toys for Black Children

January 26, 2019

January 26, 2019

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I’m always looking for educational toys that stimulate children’s minds and encourage them to explore science, technology, engineering, and math. It gives them a focus that will help them with school and provide them with a career to consider. It is also important that Black children see themselves in these careers by buying toys that positively represent Black culture. Barbie toys leads the pack when it comes to STEM and dolls. The rarer the item, the more it costs. Some are less expensive than others. 

Let’s look at Barbie. She has several options for those who love dolls. There is a scientist Barbie and a doctor Barbie. Any of these are great choices. Barbie even has a curvy version, which has more realistic body proportions.

Amazon has personalized lab coats and doctor’s coats that you can get embroidered with your child’s name. Melissa & Doug is one of my favorite brand of toys and they have this lab coat that comes with doctor’s tools. Isn’t this super cute? Pretend play is an incredibly important skill for creativity and planning, and toys like these will help to develop that part of your child’s brain.

This STEM kit not only teaches but makes a great night light for your children once they are done. It will take some supervision with young children because you must use hot water. The crystals are beautiful and pretty amazing to watch them grow.

Barbie wins again with her geology kit. Just because it is by Barbie doesn’t mean it’s for girls only. Any gender who loves fossils and archaeology will love this kit.

STEM ACTIVITY: Digging For Dinosaurs

You can recreate a similar dig for toddlers and young preschool children by putting cardboard cutouts of bones, or plastic dinosaurs, and rocks in a sandbox. You can put geodes in the sand and encourage the children to hammer them open using crab mallets. Give the children toddler paint brushes and safe digging tools and let them ‘dig for dinosaur bones.’ This will keep children busy for a long time.

While STEM toys are instrumental in fostering a child’s interest in science and technology, using reliable IQ assessments can offer insights into your child’s cognitive strengths.

Next week, I will post another article on more available STEM products for children and I will post the continuation link here. If you have discovered a wonderful educational or STEM toy, please post it below and tell me what you love about it. I may feature it next time.

Marley, age 4, loves her Barbie Chemistry Set

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