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Our Black Finger Family for Toddlers

January 15, 2019

January 15, 2019

If your child enjoys The Finger Family Song, we have a version for you that features a Black family. We know that representation matters and it matters from a very young age. That is why Ethnic Animations, a branch of Successful Black Parenting magazine, creates cartoons, nursery rhymes, and short stories for children of color. Please share our animations far and wide with your family and friends on social media and help us to get the word out as we release new animations throughout the year.

Our Soul Rhymes & Story Time playlist on YouTube are animated series developed especially for young children, ages one through 6. Our Finger Family fingerplay help children to learn:

  • Positive identity while building positive self-esteem;
  • And develop fine motor skills;
  • Call and response;
  • Rhyming and rhythm;
  • Speech development and increased vocabulary;
  • And develop auditory skills;
  • And develop cognitive skills such as memory and comprehension;
  • And expand imagination and promotes creative dramatization;
  • And assists with storytelling skills, which are pre-reading skills.

Most of our fingerplays will soon be released as board books for children. Be sure to sign-up for our notifications and to follow us on social media to learn more. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and at Successful Black Parenting magazine.

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