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Coconut: Liven Up Your Water Today

November 23, 2018

November 23, 2018

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With so many foods either good or bad, it’s hard to know where to turn to for good advice nowadays but one thing that has remained constant through the barrage of nutritional advice is the benefit of drinking water, lots of water.

Drinking water is so good for our bodies for so many reasons aside from just feeling better. It helps our brains function at their sharpest and is essential for growing bodies to develop properly. Soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol, while fine in moderation, just don’t do the job of cleansing us, the way that water can. Every organ in your body, from kidneys to skin feels the benefits of a well-hydrated system.

Up until recently we all dutifully ploughed our way through liters of flavorless liquid perhaps adding in some flavor and with it unwanted sugars and additives but water is back and it’s bringing the flavor.

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Those who are from the Caribbean know coconut water is the good stuff.

If you haven’t tried coconut water to improve your health, it’s time. Right now coconut water is everywhere and for good reason. It’s making the boring, interesting and giving you even more reason to drink this good stuff. Coconut water is healthy for you. Those who are from the Caribbean know this is the good stuff.

“It’s flu season and one of the many great elements of coconut water is that it’s great for the whole family, especially if you’re looking after a sick child.”

Electrolytes lost through sickness can be replaced with some sips of this naturally sourced liquid, packed full of nutrients.

Travelers and explorers brought the coconut palm on their voyages across the world and the trees adapted well in new environments becoming a staple for food, drink, and industry for many communities across the world.

So why drink coconut water? In terms of what the coconut brings to health, as mentioned earlier, the water is packed full of essential electrolytes which help maintain delicate balances within the body. It is also teeming with minerals such as potassium which has shown to help improve the function of the blood and reduce high blood pressure. Dry skin conditions have shown improvement and even athletes have used the coconut water to speed up recovery and aid performance.

“Coconut water is full of potassium which has shown to help improve the function of blood and reduce high blood pressure. It also helps with dry skin.”

As a replacement for sugary juices, caffeine drinks, and dairy, you can see why coconut milk has been flying off the shelves, but like all good things, it should be consumed in moderation for adults as well as children. Although extremely low in fat it still does contain a calorie content and commercially produced versions even more so. Always buy as close to natural as you can with the least additives and sugar added to it.

Families everywhere seem to be switching up their go-to drinks for coconut water and it’s easy to see why. This trend towards healthier drinking is likely to continue and makes coconut water a great drink to have handy in your refrigerator. Pick up a bottle and taste the difference.

Contributed Post

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