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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your Next Family Car

November 16, 2018

November 16, 2018

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If the vehicle on your driveway has a little too much rust appearing, has seen better days under the hood and takes a couple of turns of the ignition to start every morning, then it might be time to consider purchasing your next family car. While you may have adored your current motor, and you have made some special family memories in that car, now is the time to think about selling up and moving on, if you can afford to do so. Your family car needs to be reliable, economical and safe, especially if your current set of wheels isn’t fulfilling this criterion. Take a look at this guide to help you decide on the sort of vehicle you need for your next family car.

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While you might be keen to part with as little cash as possible for your new motor, you must make sure that you don’t create a false economy. Yes, your new car may be cheap, but it might also require a lot of work, not be safe and fail to start on a cold morning. Instead, up your budget a little and spend your money more wisely. Purchase the best car you can afford and look at the long-term running costs rather than the up-front purchase price. You could spend a little more on a modern hybrid car, that utilizes electricity rather than fuel to run. These vehicles do many more miles to the gallon and cost a lot less to run each week. If a hybrid is a little out of your price range, go for a car that has a decent fuel economy and has cheap parts should you suffer any mechanical failures.


The chances are that you’re after a car that turns heads for all the right reasons. Having a family car needn’t mean a boxy, boring vehicle sitting on your driveway. You could even opt for a soft top sporty little number with the option of buying a convertible car seat very much a possibility if you have a small brood in tow. If you don’t fancy a convertible, why not explore the option of a camper van, an SUV or a premier saloon type vehicle. Hatchbacks are staple fodder for the car market, but they can be a little bland. If you love style and want to be driving something different, consider your family’s needs and buy a motor to match.


It’s vital that you have a vehicle that protects your family should the worst occur. While you can’t account for the actions of other drivers, you can make sure that your car is as safe as possible. At the very least your vehicle should have side impact bars, an advanced braking system, and airbags. Head over to the Euro NCAP website to explore the safety ratings of most of the cars on the market today. These vehicles are split into categories and have been put through stringent testing to research their safety credentials.

While buying a new car isn’t the most exciting thing to do on the weekends, sometimes it is necessary to ensure that we can still get from point A-to-B. Remember to buy the best car that your budget will allow, set your sights on something with good fuel economy, something that fulfills your family’s needs, and a motor that is safe. Head to the used car showroom and get yourself the perfect set of wheels for your family.

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