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Got Locs? 5 Hair Care Rules

December 1, 2017

December 1, 2017

take care of your hair

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LOCTICIANS  – If you want great looking locs then a hair care professional is essential. Start there. Need help finding a loctician, use an online locator service like

5-MINUTE MASSAGES  – A five-minute massage will do wonders for your scalp and for your hair. You don’t need oils for this, although it can’t hurt. Dreads take time so make sure you set aside enough time to establish a good loc.

PRACTICE RE-TWISTING PATIENCE  – You may like how your hair looks when it is newly re-twisted but doing this too often can damage your locs and your hair. Dreads are flexible and provide you with opportunities to try out a variety of new hairstyles, like updos and pulled-back styles for longer dreads. Between re-twisting and pulling from experimenting with new styles, you must give your hair enough time to recover between re-twistings.

WEAR A NIGHTCAP OR BONNET   – Sleeping on cotton pillowcases can damage your dreadlocks. Cotton pillowcases can wreak havoc on your hair at night by causing breakage as well as absorbing your hair’s natural oils, essentially drying it out. Wearing a nightcap or a bonnet, preferably made of silk, will reduce the damage done to your hair while you sleep.

PATIENCE IS KEY   – What can I say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are long locks. It will take some time to get some length to your new style, be patient and let your hair down, even if it’s short!

Black hair has a natural shine and can grow to infinite lengths when properly cared for. There is nothing like beautiful, natural Black hair. Take the time to take care of it and give your hair the nutrients it needs. Follow the tips above and with a little effort and patience, your hair will thrive and look amazing.

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About the Author: Justin Bounds is the editor in chief at TheBarbr, a hair care blog dedicated to providing useful, honest advice and tips about the topic. To learn more about his work, you can follow Justin on Facebook and Twitter.

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