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First Family of Basketball — The Curry’s

June 10, 2016

June 10, 2016

by Janice Celeste

Video by the NBA YouTube Channel

We adore the Curry family. From the first time we saw little Riley with her dad at his post-game press conferences to Ayesha’s social media videos, they had us at ‘Hello.’ They are indeed a cute family, but it runs deeper than that. They have a wholesome image that many relationships strive for A.K.A. #RelationshipGoals.

His foundation, according to Stephen Curry was built by his parents Sonya and Dell Curry when his dad was in the NBA. He credits his parents with showing him that it is possible “to have a happy family along with a successful NBA career” and for raising him and his siblings, “the right way.” Stephen has a brother, Seth who is also in the NBA, and a sister, Sydel.

Stephen met his wife, Ayesha, when they were just teens in Charlotte, North Carolina when they were both attending a church group. They met again as adults in Los Angeles. They dated in college and married when Stephen was 23-years-old. He calls it “fate” that they met again. He was in L.A. for the ESPY Awards and Ayesha was there working on her acting career.

It is possible to have a happy family along with a successful NBA career.” – Stephen Curry

Family portrait from ayesha curry's instagram @ayeshacurry

a family portrait from ayesha curry’s instagram @ayeshacurry

They soon had their first child, Riley. Steph said in an interview with Graham Bensinger that he assisted in delivering Riley. “I don’t ever have a bad day knowing when I go home, I have a wife and daughter to enjoy life with,” said Curry. Now he has double the joy with both Riley and their newest infant daughter, Ryan

Seth curry at post-game conference with daughter, riley.

stephen curry at post-game conference with daughter, riley.

The Curry’s put faith “first and foremost,” and family next. Ayesha said in an impromptu on-air interview that she credits, “God” for their success and that family, “is the foundation of everything.” Steph said, that “God is first, then family.” That might explain Riley’s most adorable proclamation at several post-game press conferences that made her a star in her own right when she said, “Wayyyy up, I feel blessed” from the Big Sean song, “Blessings.

And blessed they are. Steph is a point guard for the Golden State Warriors. He holds numerous records for three-point shooting. Many have called him “the greatest shooter in NBA history.” According to the NBA website, Steph has played seven seasons where he was a three-time All-Star. In 2015, he won the championship with the Warriors and was voted the Most Valuable Player with 100 out of 130 first-place votes from broadcasters and journalists. In 2016, he won MVP again and the voting was unanimous.

Stephen curry has been awarded the 2016 successful black parenting father of the year award

stephen curry has been awarded the 2016 successful black parenting | father of the year award

We look forward to seeing more success, projects, and blessings from the Curry family and wish Steph a Happy Father’s Day.

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