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Pregnant moms should be aware of the habits that won’t be beneficial for them and their little one before birth.

6 Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits Every Pregnant Mom Should Avoid

Dr. Alexia McClerkin, 36  Chiropractor The Sports and Wellness Doc When I first got pregnant with my second son in 2017, I was so excited because my planning worked. I thought to myself it would be a great idea if I did a 5K every month of my pregnancy. I had run 5Ks before and worked out my […]

MY PREGNANCY STORY: Dr. Alexia McClerkin, DC, RN

Black women are shying away from traditional hospital births and are opting for home water births as an alternative because it’s not only a less expensive option but it makes childbirth more of an experience and not just a process. With infant and maternity mortality rates soaring for Black women, they are choosing natural childbirth […]

Home water birth successful black parenting

Black Moms Are Loving Home Births

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