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Here are four breast care tips for new moms when breastfeeding.

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4 Breast Care Tips For New Moms Breastfeeding

by Janice Robinson-Celeste Remember this viral photo of Black goddesses feeding their cherubs in nature, the natural way? These women are the Chocolate Milk Mommies from Alabama. I give them five slow claps for giving breastfeeding the positive attention it deserves. (Photo: Lakisha Cohill, owner of H&C INC) Breastmilk is one of the wonders of the […]

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Chocolate Milk Mommies Encourage Black Women To Breastfeed

Black women are historically the experts in breastfeeding everyones’ babies but today we are the least percentage group to do it.

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When It Came To Breastfeeding, Black Moms Knew Best

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