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Here are four breast care tips for new moms when breastfeeding.

4 Breast Care Tips For New Moms Breastfeeding

I recently interviewed Supermodel Sessilee Lopez-Holmes, who is a new mother to two wonderful children. Sessilee is a former Victoria’s Secret model and Vogue cover model. She’s walked almost every runway internationally and has graced the pages of just about every magazine. She is also my daughter. I told y’all I was a successful Black […]

Successful Black Parenting

Supermodel Sessilee Lopez Talks Breastfeeding

Contributed Post: Becoming a mother is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. Bringing a new life into this world to love, cherish, and guide through life is a feeling like no other. However, with all of this comes the responsibility of becoming the sole carer of a brand new life, and that can […]

Worries You Might Face As A New Mother

One of the things first-time parents find crucial immediately after returning from delivering their baby at the hospital, is sleep, both for the parents and the baby. If you are wondering about how to promote better sleep for your newborn, rest assured, you are in the right place! Here are the Top 9 Baby Sleep […]

Top 9 Baby Sleep Tips for First Time Parents

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