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Everyone knows a mom that really just needs to chill out. Like they’re wired. Maybe that somebody is you! We all get burned out from time to time. How about, I’m giving this candle called, “Girl, You Need To Calm The F Down” to all of my mom-friends for Mother’s Day. And with all of […]

Mother’s Day Gift Alert! I LOVE THIS CANDLE!

In the United States, pregnant Black women and their newborn babies are at risk of dying in hospitals and shortly after. “In the United States, Black women are three to four times more likely to die of a pregnancy-related death than white women, and recent studies suggest that up to half of all maternal deaths […]

Successful Black Parenting

What is Going On With Black Maternity Rates?

Black women are historically the experts in breastfeeding everyones’ babies but today we are the least percentage group to do it.

When It Came To Breastfeeding, Black Moms Knew Best

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