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Explore how school safety drills affect Black children and discover key strategies parents can use to reduce trauma and protect their kids during these critical drills.

Navigating School Safety Drills: Minimizing Trauma for Black Children

August/September 2023

Co-parenting made easy: Effective communication, kindness, and flexibility are key to a healthy relationship.

How to Keep a Good Relationship When Co-Parenting

April/May 2023 Issue

Growing up with a dog can benefit children, including improving their immune system, social skills, behavior, and more.

Successful Black Parenting magazine

STUDY: Why Kids Benefit From Having a Dog

Here are the top five cities across the United States that have a reputation for being relatively safe for African American children and families. It’s important to note that no city is completely immune to racism or any other form of discrimination, but we’ve found five with the best reputation for cultural diversity, cultural institutions, Black […]

Top 5 Cities To Raise Black Children

Top 5 Cities To Raise Black Children

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