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Colorism is still alive and well in the Black community. How does a parent build-up their child to prevent colorism from affecting their development?

A group of african american girls in dresses showing the different skin tones of the black community that can contribute to colorism.

Building Up Our Brown Skin Girls: Why We Should Talk To Our Black Girls About Colorism

Self-image is created by others. We learn, “If I behave this way, I am treated this way. So I MUST be this because I am treated like that.” In the case of race, those who create our self-image are greater society. If you are Black, you have unconsciously inherited society’s views of you, just as […]

Successful black parenting

How Building a Positive Self-Image Helps Parents and Black Children Cope with Racial Stress

Many Black parents recognize the importance of talking to their children about race, especially during the current racially charged climate filled with police brutality, divisive rhetoric, and hate crimes. However, despite understanding its significance, you may have questions regarding how to talk to your children about race, especially when your children are very young. This […]

Race apa on successful black parenting magazine

Children Are Not Colorblind: 4 Ways to Talk to Young Children About Race

If there was a thing such as CTSD, Current Traumatic Stress Disorder, then I’m experiencing it on a daily basis. Every week there is some attack on the Black community not giving me a chance to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Keeping up with the news each day and reading about the police shootings, the […]

Successful black parenting

Helping Your Child To Navigate A Racist World

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