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Encourage your opinionated Black kids to become prosecutors, public defenders, and judges…they already have the mindset for it.

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Opinionated Black Teens Should Become Judges

Of all of the things Black people have to worry about killing us in this world, we just can’t be complacent when it comes to something as mundane as our homes. We have to be pro-active with prevention and preparation.Nationally, the risk of fire-related death for African Americans is almost twice that of individuals of […]

Successful black parenting

It’s Fire Prevention Month: Protect Your Family

If I were granted “special mom powers” to give my fellow mothers everywhere three gifts to benefit the health and future of our children, my priorities would be simple. My first gift would be clean air for all. No child should struggle to breathe, and yet, too many Black children gasp for breath and suffer […]

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Moms Fight for the Right to Clean Air for All

If you’re not talking to your teens about sex, social media will. A new study published in the journal of Nursing Research shows that African American teens who use condoms or some sort of protection found the information on the Internet. This correlation makes online marketing a valuable space for advertisers to discuss sex with […]

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Sex Ed, Black Teens and Social Media

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