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Discover the urgent impact of removing DEI programs on Black children’s futures. Learn how funding disparities and policy changes affect scholarships, mentorship, and vital support systems.

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How Cutting DEI Programs Targets African American Families – Must-Read Insights!

Introducing Kobi: Safe and gentle deodorant for kids, understanding premature adrenarche, and addressing body odor during early puberty.

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Kobi: Safe and Gentle Deodorant for Kids

by Janice Celeste Years ago, every urban neighborhood had a public swimming pool where children learned to swim. There were few swim classes but many of us learned by trial and error in the presence of trained lifeguards. Today, there are still a few public pools in urban neighborhoods but due to funding cutbacks too […]

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Questions You Should Ask Before Your Child Takes Swim Lessons

Welcome to Successful Black Parenting Magazine Welcome to Successful Black Parenting Magazine, the premier online destination dedicated to empowering and celebrating Black parenting and family life. Our platform offers a unique blend of insightful articles, expert advice, and vibrant community engagement, all tailored to the experiences of Black and blended families.   About Us Successful […]

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