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Successful Black Parenting Book Club

Book cover for ruby rené had so much to say for successful black parenting magazine.
Ruby René Had So Much to Say celebrates owning your voice, honing your skills, and turning challenges into opportunities.
Book cover for "b is for black brilliance" by shawna wells

for successful black parenting magazine
B is for Black Brilliance showcases twenty-six remarkable Black individuals who’ve redefined society’s perception of Blackness through their inventions, talent, and leadership.
A little african american girl lights a giant grill in jerk chicken magic for our book club addition
Jerk Chicken Magic is about a six-year-old girl named, Lizzy. In awe of her Mom, Lizzy learns about the history of jerk chicken, how to make it, and the magic the dish brings to her whole family. 

The Successful Black Parenting Magazine‘s book club for children’s books focuses on curating and discussing various literature aimed at young readers within the Black community. This book club is dedicated to selecting children’s books that reflect Black main characters, themes, and stories that resonate with and empower Black children. The goal is to foster a love of reading, promote literacy, and offer children and their parents access to books that celebrate their heritage, mirror their experiences and broaden their understanding of the world. The books we’ve selected have great graphics, stories, and the highest quality available. We review every book before recommending it to our parents.

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