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This is a nine-part series. The following information has been reprinted with permission from Dr. Carl James of York University. We will publish each grade level in reverse order, beginning with grade 12. Some information has been edited and truncated for an international appeal.Grade 3 is a critical period in your child’s education. Studies show […]

If Your Child Is In 3rd Grade, Read This Now!

It is the anniversary of Rep. John Lewis’ death and parents are continuing the fight for their children to breathe.

Rep. John Lewis' Fight Goes On for Black Children To Breathe

John Lewis’ Fight Goes On for Black Children To Breathe

Every child faces challenges in school at some point, and all proactive, loving parents want to bolster their kid’s self-esteem, love of learning, and academic success when possible and help their children through those challenging times. Good tutors often have similar goals.Unfortunately, it’s not easy to choose the best tutor for your child. It’s important […]

How To Choose The Best Tutor For Your Child

How To Choose The Best Tutor For Your Child

Vidas NegrasLike countless families around the world, the onset of COVID-19 has brought us many sudden changes and challenges. It’s been approximately five months since stay-at-home orders were initiated in the U.S, and with no end in sight, every day is a struggle to juggle all of our different roles simultaneously and in isolation of […]

Raising Afro-Latino Children in the Era of COVID & Black Lives Matter

Because of COVID-19 Black parents should use this time of restructuring to push for a shift in education.

Why Black Parents Should Push for a Shift in Education During Covid-19

Host of the syndicated BACKtalk podcast and live stream, Janice Robinson-Celeste interviewed author and literary advocate, Carylee Carrington about “Black Children’s Book Authors You Don’t Know About” and we had a great time talking about our favorite children’s books, including her two books feature below as well as my two board that you can also find below. And you can find […]

Black Book Authors You Don't Know About

Black Children’s Book Authors You Don’t Know About

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