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Sample photo. Taken with a cellphone.

example of a clear photo, taken with a cellphone. Photo credit: latoya norwood. Model: marley norwood modeling a dress by kelseymaclean. Com.


Successful Black Parenting uses stock photos and photo shoots to provide the majority of the photography on our online site but stock photos are very limited when it comes to different hues of ethnic people. We want to show the diversity of the Black family and want to give our readers a chance to participate in the publication, as it is for you and by you.


The photos for many of our web articles do not have to be professional photos. High-resolution photos would slow our site down and it wouldn’t make for a good reading experience. Many of the photos submitted are taken on a mobile phone and that’s fine. However, the better quality the photo, the more likely we are to use it.


• Make sure the photos you are submitting are taken in good light. We don’t accept blurry, grainy or dark photographs.

• Be aware of the objects and your background. You don’t want to submit something that you didn’t notice that might be embarrassing later.

• We accept photos in both portrait and landscape.

• Be sure to have the permission in writing of all of the people in your photo when submitting your photo.

• Don’t forget to tell us the name of your photographer.



What we’re looking for NEXT!

  • Photos of baby showers
  • Winter photos
  • Spring photos
  • Themed birthday parties
  • Valentine’s Day photos
  • Photos with Barack Obama
  • Photos playing in the rain
  • Creating arts and crafts
  • Dentist photos of kids
  • Teens on a date
  • Pregnancy photos
  • Children blowing bubbles
  • Crocheting
  • Dialysis
  • Eating breakfast
  • Summer camp
  • STEM
  • Gardening with kids
  • Camping
  • Kids swimming
  • Kids as historical Black figures
  • Mothers with children
  • Fathers with children
  • Families together with and without extended families (grandparents etc.)

Successful Black Parenting does not pay for photos. We will give you photo credit in the article. By submitting photos to Successful Black Parenting, you give indefinite permission to use the photos on the website and for publicity and advertising purposes. You can email photos to


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