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If you are a parent, you will experience some level of stress. It might be a little or a lot, but it will undoubtedly be present. Even the most relaxed of parents can feel the sting of a harsh word or a flared temper from time to time. It’s not nice, and the guilt that […]

Parenting is not easy, as there is much to deal with. You need to take care of your health when handling kids and other important chores. Your back may bear the brunt of the workload once in a while. Back pain can be excruciating, and it may even affect the quality of life. But you […]

Just in time for holiday dinners, this Black-owned ice cream company offers soul food dessert-flavored ice cream, like sweet potato pie!

Start planning your gift for next Mother’s Day now and be ahead of the game while making mom estatic about her gift.

There are very few rooms in any home that have so much potential like a child’s bedroom does. Unlike the master bedroom, your child’s room will not only be the space where they go to sleep. It will also be the place where they will learn and grow, play, explore new things, and discover hidden […]

Inexpensive interior design ideas to decorate your child's bedroom

African Americans have various skin types and shades. Skin care is different for each of us but here are some tips that every mom should do.

Skin care tips for moms - self care
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