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Discover strategies for Black family businesses to build generational wealth, foster economic independence, and bridge the racial wealth gap effectively.

A woman and a girl holding a business sign that reads open for business meaning it is a black family business

Family travel can be an enriching experience, promoting stronger bonds and creating lifelong memories. However, the cost associated with family vacations can be significant, particularly when it comes to transportation.  Families usually require vehicles that not only accommodate more passengers but also offer enough space for luggage, provide comfort over long travel distances, and ensure […]

An illustration of an african american family with luggage and a dog about to do some family travel.

Discover easy beauty secrets for every generation to achieve radiant, healthy skin. From skincare routines to hydration tips, amplify your natural beauty.

Grandmother with adult daughter and granddaughter with generations of beauty

One of our favorite things going into the new year is the Hip Hop Diaper Bag with graffiti print. The Hip Hop Diaper Bag has both style and function.

A graffiti designed black and white diaper bag for designed in a hip-hop style.

If you’re looking for last-minute gifts for Father’s Day, Successful Black Parenting has you covered with gifts for the traveling dad.

Gift guide docking station

In today’s job market, finding a new position can be an arduous journey filled with frustration and setbacks. Many companies are extending their hiring processes, sometimes taking four months or more to make a decision, and requiring candidates to go through multiple rounds of interviews—often four, five, or even six—only to receive a disheartening rejection […]

Job search strategies and focus are necessary for parents with small children as in this photograph of a father with his children.
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