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Social Justice

Discover the urgent impact of removing DEI programs on Black children’s futures. Learn how funding disparities and policy changes affect scholarships, mentorship, and vital support systems.

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Palatable Black history is featured in schools during Black History Month. With Critical Race Theory critics, will the truth ever be taught?

Black history

Explore how a criminal record obtained during childhood can impact adulthood, including laws and the Spent Convictions Scheme in the US, UK, NZ, and Australia. Learn if minor offenses can affect your future and how to manage your criminal history for a clean background check.

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Juneteenth is when the word reached the enslaved in Galveston Texas that they were free. Here’s how to celebrate with kids.

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Five young descendants of Frederick Douglass read and respond to excerpts of his famous speech, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”

Descendants read frederick douglass' speech

Start the Movement Right From Your Living Room: Positioning Your Black Children as Change Agents, Historians & CreativesWhew! The academic year is finally over and the summer is in full swing. The previous academic year ended in an unprecedented fashion, and left parents questioning the quality of their child’s distance education experience. Considering that several […]

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