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It’s an uncomfortable subject for parents, talking about the Birds and the Bees but it is necessary in today’s world. The average age a Black teen has his or her first sexual intercourse is 15 (2013). One of the most important decisions you will have to decide beforehand is whether you are going to teach […]

It’s a pretty pink birthday party for ballerinas with items sponsored by Kiesse’s Kids. They got you covered with birthday supplies that feature Black children on them. Here are some inspirational ideas to pull off an event such as this on a budget.  Most of the decorations and candy were purchased for under $100. The […]

WHO IS MRS. BOOKBINDER? Well, preschoolers may not be talking about it, but they probably have overheard their teachers ask themselves, “What would Mrs. Bookbinder do?” Mrs. Bookbinder is a female figure with butterfly wings and antennae who squats to be eye-level with her students and helps them come up with solutions to challenges they […]

Pregnant moms go through many emotions when we carry a child. You’re experiencing one of the most transforming moments in your life. In addition, you want to surround yourself with culture and positivity as you anticipate the birth of your new baby. Carolyn Clarke has made it easy for expecting moms to document their nine-month journey […]

It’s National Breastfeeding Awareness month, and an excellent time to evaluate some issues arising about breastfeeding and Black women. Statistics have shown that there is a widening gap between Black and White breastfeeding initiation rates. It moved from 24 percentage points in 2000 to 16 percentage points in 2008. As if this is not enough, […]

by Marta Sánchez, Ph.D. For many teens across the country, summers usually represent free time. Schools on traditional nine month calendars are out and youth employment rates skyrocket. This means more teens are on the road, some getting to their jobs while others may be out with friends. With no homework to do, evenings are also […]

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