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The Truth About These 6 Common Mattress Myths for Parents

June 1, 2021

June 1, 2021

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Many parents have misconceptions about buying and caring for a mattress for both them and their children. The mattress industry has evolved a lot over the years, which means some information can be confusing. Since a lot is at stake, like your money, comfort, and sleep quality, every claim about mattresses merits objective evaluation.

That said, you don’t want to get caught up in mattress myths that cause extra concern. Do your research to separate fact from myth, and you’ll be able to select the best type of mattress for you and get the best possible night’s rest.

One Size Fits All

This claim is false when it comes to both the actual size of the mattress and its other features. What feels medium-firm to you may collapse under a heavier person. People’s sleep habits and positions may vary. People sleep in many positions, such as on the side, stomach, or back. For these reasons, different people require different sleep accommodations.

Contrary to myth, bigger is not always better. Having more space in which to sleep doesn’t necessarily translate into a higher quality sleep if the mattress isn’t right for you. Consider the mattress’s unique construction and design to find a model that fits both your space and sleep needs.

If you know you’re looking for a specific quality in your mattress, consider the options on the market. Different brands offer various options, from firmness levels and back support to temperature control and durability. As you study the available options to make an informed choice in your area, you can learn more about the best places to buy a mattress here.

It’ll Last For 20 Years

Although people certainly may hold onto their mattresses for decades, claims that mattresses are designed to last 20 years are false. The truth is that you should not keep your mattress for more than eight years. A mattress older than eight years simply isn’t healthy for you.

Bits like dead skin cells, dust mites, and other detritus can get embedded in a mattress, and the consistent use and pressure cause the internal components to degrade. A mattress will age faster if a heavier person lies on it every night, or if it is regularly subjected to the dirt and damage of pets in the bed, or kids jumping up and down.

Regardless of your weight or habits, there is simply no mattress that could possibly give you proper support and comfort for 20 straight years!

Try It Before You Buy It

Although testing out a mattress before purchasing can be helpful, it isn’t the only way to evaluate quality. It also isn’t necessarily the best metric. Visiting a mattress brick-and-mortar location may work for some, but it’s not always an option for everyone. In any case, lying on a mattress for only a few minutes while a salesperson stands nearby won’t reveal all its flaws or outstanding features.

Due to convenience, many shoppers prefer to browse mattresses online. Indeed, you can’t try a mattress before purchasing in this scenario, but retailers understand this and make accommodations. Many retailers offer a trial period during which you can test out the mattress and then return it if it’s not right for you.

You Can’t Clean a Mattress

If this myth were true, beds would be some of the most unsanitary places imaginable—especially considering how much time you spend there! You can and should vacuum your mattress regularly. You can also sprinkle some baking soda over your mattress, and let it soak up sweat and other liquids for a while, then vacuum the powder off.

You can even clean up unsightly spots using stain removers. Just don’t soak your mattress—it may cause irreparable water damage.

For fluid, urine, perspiration, dust and overall stain protection, you can use a waterproof mattress cover. Remember to regularly clean your mattress protector, along with your sheets and blankets.

You Should Flip a Mattress

This may have been useful and important for older mattresses long ago, but it is not necessary now.

Current mattresses are designed better to account for weight distribution and evening out the wear on a mattress. They incorporate new technologies that do not require flipping to keep them even and fresh.

In fact, most modern mattress models only have one usable side, due to the careful engineering and placement of different materials within the mattress. Flipping them will only create a less comfortable experience. Unless your mattress is explicitly designed to be flippable, keep it to one side.

Mattresses Are Expensive

While some mattress models and brands can be pricey, many retailers offer top quality for affordable prices. Be sure to check the materials before you purchase, and ensure a retailer is giving you the mattress you deserve for the money you’re paying.

You should also take into account differences based on the product and technology. Memory foam won’t cost the same as innerspring. Each feature counts toward the overall price. That’s why you’ll generally pay more for a pressure-relieving product with spinal contour support than for a similar one without these perks.

Consider doing a little comparison shopping to get a general feel for the price across multiple retailers. Everyone needs a good mattress, and the industry offers quality for everyone if you do your research correctly.

Mattress Facts

Knowing the truth about mattresses and mattress shopping lets you make the right investment for a better night’s rest. Purchasing a mattress doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Once you’ve figured out which product is best for your specific sleep preferences, take good care of it every day to maximize its lifespan.

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