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Black Fathers Matter | VIDEO

July 8, 2020

July 8, 2020

Black Fathers Matter

One of the favorite ‘songs’ that racists love to ‘sing’ is that “Black people have absentee fathers” as if we don’t know that’s not true or perhaps they don’t think we know our own culture that we live every day to know better. They obviously haven’t gotten the memo!  Yet, they come at us as if they are the experts in our culture. It’s amazing their audacity to tell another person about their ethnic group as if they’ve  studied it and lived it, yet if they did, they would know the myth is not true.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) did a study and confirmed that this myth was a lie. In fact they learned that Black fathers are the most involved ethnic group of them all, even more than white fathers. Black fathers make time for their children.

I recently received a video from the Black Fathers Matter Project and the spoken word at the end of this video speaks for us all. Please watch the video to the end.


Janice Robinson-celeste

Founder and publisher of Successful Black Parenting magazine and early childhood specialist.

From the Black Fathers Matter Project

The Black Fathers Matter Project was initiated to highlight the Black fathers who are changing the narrative and overcoming the negative stereotypes of “Black fathers aren’t present.” They provide a positive representation on what it looks like to be a Black father.

Unfortunately, these negative stereotypes aren’t the only thing that Black fathers are fighting. In 2020, they are fighting to stay alive as police brutality, mass incarceration, systematic oppression, among other things, are taking the lives of many Black dads.

My father was always in my life 24/7 until he passed away from a brain aneurysm when I was just 20-years-old. I’m posting our photo below in honor of Black Fathers Matter. 

Successful Black Parenting’s publisher with her father.

July 2020

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