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What to Put In Your Labor and Delivery Bag

November 4, 2018

November 4, 2018

Hey mommies and mommies-to-be start packing. You should pack your bag at about 35 weeks. If you haven’t yet packed your labor and delivery bag for the hospital, don’t get overwhelmed. There’s tons of information out there but if you feel clueless to what you’re going to need then you’re going to want to review our comprehensive list that was compiled by experienced moms! If you are normally a light traveler, you won’t need all of these items — pick and choose from the items below. If you’re like me and you need to have everything with you, take it all!


• Wallet with ID and insurance cards

• Hygiene bag (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap)

• Glasses/contact lenses and solution

• Medications/vitamins

• Comfortable clothes for you

• Clothes for the baby plus the go-home outfit (blanket or snowsuit, depending on weather)

• Sweater or hoody (it gets cold)

• Your lotion

• Shea butter for stretch marks

• Onsies

• A book or two

• Kindle/tablet

• Chargers – phone and electronics

• Snacks

• Change for the vending machine

• Nursing bra

• Nursing night gowns

• Slippers

• Shower shoes/flip flops

• Flat shoes

• Socks

• Bonnet

• Pacifiers

• Sanitary napkins for vaginal births (the hospitals aren’t always the best). Disposable underpants, like Depends™ work too well with the pads so you don’t ruin your underwear.

• A dad bag

• Organic formula, if you’re not breastfeeding

• Car seat

• Chapstick

• Nipple cream

• Vaseline

• Baby nail clippers

• Baby book – get the nurse to put the baby footprints in there and you will have time to fill it in.

Leave room in your bag to bring home the baby kits and extras that the hospital gives you. What you take with you is only for creature-comfort, but the most important thing is the beautiful baby that you will be bringing home with you. Remember that throughout the labor and delivery process.

November 2018

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