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Black Comic Book Character Will Be Your Child’s New Hero

February 10, 2018

February 10, 2018

As the movie, the Black Panther makes its debut, this is a great time for discovering new superheroes of color and this book won’t disappoint.

Imagine if the main setting of Harry Potter wasn’t a school for wizards but was instead a school for superheroes. Sort of like X-Men’s mutant school but think more like a middle-school where most of the characters are Black. That’s the world of Leon: Protector of the Playground.

Leon, whose superpower is common sense, has some of the same problems that other sixth-graders might have but his problems involve portals from other dimensions, archenemies and strange characters that only a child can dream of, yet this award-winning brainchild was conceived by cartoonist, Jamar Nicholas.

Nicholas brought this empowering comic-strip book to life with crowdfunding on Kickstarter. He has his supporters’ names printed in the back of the book.

“Sort of like X-Men’s mutant school but think more like a middle-school where most of the characters are Black.”

My favorite character is Leon’s mother, Miss Magnificent who seems to be raising her son with a village that includes the principal, and a baker best friend. Read Leon: Protector of the Playground and enjoy his adventures saving the playground and more.

You can get your copy of Leon: Protector of the Playground at

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