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These six toys will help your child ‘s development and give them an edge when they attend school with their peers.

6 Kinds Of Toys That Are Safe For Kids Of All Ages

Parenting is a challenging journey that involves a lot of work, from feeding to changing diapers, potty training, and maintaining the routine of a little one. As the baby grows, your responsibilities will also grow. You will need to ensure safety for your toddler because that’s the age when they are likely to hurt themselves […]

Ride-On Toy Safety- How Parents Can Go The Extra Mile

Let’s keep the games in the culture. This African Rubik’s cube is a perfect representation for kids and adults to keep it Afrocentric. Also available are the African Kente Cloth Rubik’s Cube, the African Art Rubik’s Cube, and the African Ethnic Rubik’s Cube. This site has a plethora of Afrocentric gear. Challenge your child to […]

S.T.E.M.: African Rubik’s Cubes

Contributed PostPlay is a crucial element of your child’s development, and they need to be able to have fun if they’re going to learn everything they need to know about the world. This is something which a lot of parents struggle with. Investing hours into playing with your children is fun when they are first born, […]

Toys the Kids & Dads Will Enjoy

La Loba Studio makes these wonderful African American superhero dress-up rag dolls for children that foster positive self-esteem.

Adorable Superhero Rag Dolls You’ll Steal From Your Child

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