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This podcast is a panel of proactive Black parents that explores approaches and provides resources for other Black parents protecting Black children.

The talk

The Talk: Discussing The Ugly Truth About Racism in America

One of the many opportunities to discuss both racial bias and racial pride is in June, as Black Americans across the country celebrate Juneteenth.

Juneteenth: talking to black youth about about resilience

Juneteenth: Talking To Black Youth About About Resilience

Black males are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white males.

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Guiding Black Boys Through The Trauma Of Police Killing Black Men

Many Black parents recognize the importance of talking to their children about race, especially during the current racially charged climate filled with police brutality, divisive rhetoric, and hate crimes. However, despite understanding its significance, you may have questions regarding how to talk to your children about race, especially when your children are very young. This […]

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Children Are Not Colorblind: 4 Ways to Talk to Young Children About Race

It’s an uncomfortable subject for parents, talking about the Birds and the Bees but it is necessary in today’s world. The average age a Black teen has his or her first sexual intercourse is 15 (2013). One of the most important decisions you will have to decide beforehand is whether you are going to teach […]

Successful black parenting

The Birds & The Bees: The Talk

If you’re not talking to your teens about sex, social media will. A new study published in the journal of Nursing Research shows that African American teens who use condoms or some sort of protection found the information on the Internet. This correlation makes online marketing a valuable space for advertisers to discuss sex with […]

Successful black parenting sex education

Sex Ed, Black Teens and Social Media

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