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Let’s keep the games in the culture. This African Rubik’s cube is a perfect representation for kids and adults to keep it Afrocentric. Also available are the African Kente Cloth Rubik’s Cube, the African Art Rubik’s Cube, and the African Ethnic Rubik’s Cube. This site has a plethora of Afrocentric gear. Challenge your child to […]

S.T.E.M.: African Rubik’s Cubes

Black doctor writes a book for his son to get interested in the field of medicine called, “Doc 2 Doc.” “I woke up one morning and wanted my kids to read a book about Black boys interested in something other than sports. I thought it’d be nice for them to read about kids interested in science & medicine.

Dad Doctor Writes Book For Young Son To Become A Doctor

What do the world’s biggest companies, including Amazon, Facebook, and Apple all have in common? They are all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) driven companies. STEM careers and businesses are the fastest growing in the United States. On top of that STEM careers pay twice as much as non-STEM professions. However, Black people comprise […]

3 ways to get your family to meaningfully participate in STEM Education

You can use insects to help introduce your child to biology and entomology, which the science part of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.).

It’s Spring, You’re Buggin’ And Learning S.T.EM. Too

We know how difficult it can be to find products with images of people of color and we know how important it is for children to see positive images of themselves in the world. That is why we are bringing you In My Image Birthday Parties themes. Etsy is a major force as the place […]

Successful Black Parenting

S.T.E.M. | Super Science Birthday Party

Kindergartners Code #1. Root is a robot designed to teach children how to code. Coding involves using languages like Java, JavaScript, RubyRails, SQL and Phython, to tell a computer what to do in response to a series of letters, numbers, and other symbols. Coding is related to programming. Programming is designing the logics and coding is […]

9 Ways For Busy Parents To Make Coding Fun For Young Children

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