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It’s Black History Month. Let’s highlight the significance of building a healthy racial identity in children and youth.

Successful Black Parenting

Building Positive Racial Identity for Children and Youth: Empowering a Just Future

On January 2, 2021, the New York Post published an article by writer Rav Arora, who is an Indian immigrant, titled, “Teaching ‘White Fragility’ Is Bad For Kids Of Color.” Arora appeared on BackTalk, Successful Black Parenting’s syndicated podcast and webcast for parents. Along with him was Dr. Nakia Hamlett, a psychologist whose research focuses on […]

Successful Black Parenting

Does Teaching White Fragility Hurt Black Children?

This is a first in “Raising Resilient Kids” series – a partnership with the RESilience Initiative of the American Psychological Association. Each article features science-informed tips and resources for African American parents on how to build resilience in our kids.Empirical studies and popular media show clear evidence for the presence of racial bias and discrimination […]

culturally comfortable african american teen

Is Your Teen Racially And Culturally Comfortable At School?

Contributed Post:How stressful is pregnancy?Expecting mothers and those who are trying to conceive know how difficult it can be to have a baby. Unfortunately, as pregnancy is often perceived as a natural – if not expected – period in the life of a woman, many are left blaming themselves for feeling inadequate when they struggle […]

Stress Affects Black Fertility And Birth Rates

Self-image is created by others. We learn, “If I behave this way, I am treated this way. So I MUST be this because I am treated like that.” In the case of race, those who create our self-image are greater society. If you are Black, you have unconsciously inherited society’s views of you, just as […]

Successful Black Parenting

How Building a Positive Self-Image Helps Parents and Black Children Cope with Racial Stress

Many Black parents recognize the importance of talking to their children about race, especially during the current racially charged climate filled with police brutality, divisive rhetoric, and hate crimes. However, despite understanding its significance, you may have questions regarding how to talk to your children about race, especially when your children are very young. This […]

Children Are Not Colorblind: 4 Ways to Talk to Young Children About Race

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