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Encouraging Career Readiness in Teenagers: Start early, build skills, explore alternatives. Prepare for success!

Encouraging Career Readiness and Success in Teenagers

October/November 2023

Discover the FADE COLLECTION by Purpose Toys, celebrating Black Barber Culture and community pride. Available at Target from October 2023, these 11.5-inch “CULTURAL-Action Figures™” embody culture-driven play. Join the Celebration of Cutz, Community, and CULTURE.

FADE COLLECTION: Purpose Toys Expands Its Celebration of Black Culture Through Play

Preschool is an essential part of child development but can be challenging journey to go through. Read this article on how you can prepare your child.

An Essential Guide To Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Discover the pressing concern of missing Black children and child safety solutions in the United States and beyond.

Still Missing: Where Are Our Children?

Explore how school safety drills affect Black children and discover key strategies parents can use to reduce trauma and protect their kids during these critical drills.

Navigating School Safety Drills: Minimizing Trauma for Black Children

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