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You must have heard the phrase “Learning should never stop,” right? And why not? The more you learn and educate yourself, the better your future and those around you will be.However, due to the pandemic, most parents are facing the issue of encouraging their kids to study. Fortunately, schools are consistently making efforts to provide […]

African american elementary students using computer and following classes online due to coronavirus pandemic while their mom helps for an article to help your child with homeschooling

Distance Learning: Help Your Child With Homeschooling Using These Tips

Parents are at their wits-end trying to manage helping their child navigate online classes and we’re here to help!

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Virtual School Driving You Crazy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit every household hard. Parents with school-age children are experiencing difficulties they never anticipated and those parents fortunate enough to work from home, are receiving a double dose of stress along with expectations and responsibilities most never prepared for.Now that there are so many students that are engaged in learning at […]

Successful black parenting

How Parents Can Help Improve Online Learning Outcomes

Because of COVID-19 Black parents should use this time of restructuring to push for a shift in education.

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Why Black Parents Should Push for a Shift in Education During Covid-19

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