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WHO IS MRS. BOOKBINDER? Well, preschoolers may not be talking about it, but they probably have overheard their teachers ask themselves, “What would Mrs. Bookbinder do?” Mrs. Bookbinder is a female figure with butterfly wings and antennae who squats to be eye-level with her students and helps them come up with solutions to challenges they […]

DISCIPLINE: What is Self-Regulation and Why are Preschoolers Talking About It?

Your teen is old enough to drive and it’s terrifying. You need to have more than ‘The Talk’, you also need to set some rules.

Teen driver

Will You Let Your Teen Have the Car?

Young teens can fall through the cracks in the summer because they are too young to work teen jobs and too old for most summer camps.

Smiling young woman with clothes donation

Teens: Balancing Summer Fun, Work, Interests, Family Time, Friends, and Getting Ready for College

Black parents must protect their children when watching broadcast media because these outlets can be biased and racist.


Critical Media Chats With Your Tween

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