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This is a first in “Raising Resilient Kids” series – a partnership with the RESilience Initiative of the American Psychological Association. Each article features science-informed tips and resources for African American parents on how to build resilience in our kids.Empirical studies and popular media show clear evidence for the presence of racial bias and discrimination […]

culturally comfortable african american teen

Is Your Teen Racially And Culturally Comfortable At School?

It is easy to blame teachers, counselors, bus drivers, and the school administrators for not stopping bullying at school, but what about at home?

Successful Black Parenting magazine

Is Your Child The Bully? 5 Things To Do!

There is a nationwide phenomenon of bullying that is taking place and it’s been labeled as part of The Trump Effect. A Virginia study found increased bullying in areas that voted for Trump. That coupled with statistics that Black children are punished harsher than their white peers often leaves Black children blamed for being bullied. […]

Successful Black Children

The Trump Bullying Effect On Black Children

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