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Your child’s kinky, curly, Black hair is an asset. Not every child gets to have those beautiful curls that your little one is born with. Notwithstanding this fact, however, is the very nature of curly hair as being hard to maintain and style. Unlike older children, you wouldn’t want to expose your young child’s hair […]

7 Easy Hairstyles For Young Black Kids

There is power in our hair. Our natural hair has been a source on angst for white people for centuries. First, they made a law for us to cover up our hair but then we got too creative with fancy head wraps, today they prefer we chemically relax it to make them feel more comfortable as if […]

Black Students And Hair Discrimination In Schools

take care of your hair LOCTICIANS  – If you want great looking locs then a hair care professional is essential. Start there. Need help finding a loctician, use an online locator service like 5-MINUTE MASSAGES  – A five-minute massage will do wonders for your scalp and for your hair. You don’t need oils for this, […]

Dreadlocks Successful Black Parenting

Got Locs? 5 Hair Care Rules

Reprinted with permission from Motivated Moms Blog. This is a sponsored campaign on the Motivated Moms Blog in collaboration with Licefreee and #WeAllGrow Latina Network, but all comments are the author’s own. I grew up believing that African Americans (Black people) didn’t get lice. For as long as I can remember, I was told that I […]

Successful Black Parenting

Black Kids Get Head Lice Too

You and Your Natural Hair It is no secret that we all want our hair to look good at all times. Even as a mom who has a lot to do, your look is important to you. Here’s how to take care of your hair and make it look its best. The secret: If your […]

Successful Black Parenting

BUSY MOMS: 9 Top Tips to Care for Your Natural Hair

Many schools’ handbooks feature anti-Black hairstyles and other racially coded wording that mostly affect Black children.

Back-To-School: Is Your School’s Dress Code Racist?

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