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Everyday Relief Moisturizer is a Black-Owned Company that relieves your baby’s eczema and dry skin. It works on the whole family.

Successful Black Parenting

Natural Skincare for Your Little One: My Mommy Wisdom’s Everyday Relief Moisturizer

There is nothing cuter than babies’ feet, well maybe baby shoes! There is a mystery surrounding purchasing just the right size shoe for a growing toddler. Walsh Brother Shoes produced this infographic to assist you with fitting your baby with the perfect pair of shoes.

Successful Black Parenting

Buying Shoes For Babies & Toddlers

by Janice Celeste Editor-in-Chief, Janice Celeste interviewed Dr. Babbett S. Zemel, of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia about her recent research that shows an initial correlation between strong infant sucking skills and childhood obesity. According to a report by The State of Obesity, “African American adults are nearly 1.5 times as likely to be obese compared with […]

Does Baby Sucking Ability Lead To Obesity?

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