In the winter of 2021, a congressional report with infuriating results was made public. The investigation found outrageous concentrations of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury in the baby food of four popular baby food companies. Initially, seven baby food manufacturers had been asked to participate in the investigation by sharing their internal practices and heavy […]

Heavy Metals and Autism: How to Avoid Feeding Your Baby Toxic Food

Encouraging friendship when a child has autism. This is the perspective of a parent on how to make friends.

Encouraging Friendships When A Child Has Autism

When you discover that your child suffers from autism, you begin brainstorming all of your options. We have some therapy tips.

How to Help An Autistic Child? Experts Suggest These Strategies!

I’m talking with Dr. April Lisbon. She is an autism coach, a 19-year veteran school psychologist, and who is a mom raising a child that is autistic and dyslexic. We are discussing special needs children, diagnosis, and family support. If you know of someone who needs to watch this podcast, please share it with them […]


PODCAST: Talking Black Children With Special Needs

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