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Your Partner in Parenting


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Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone involved, but it can be especially hard on children. 37.6% of marriages end in divorce, which means 50% of children will live through a divorce at least once. As parents, it is important to put your children’s needs first and make their well-being a priority throughout this […]

An african american couple is having a sad disagreement in front of their child who is holding a notebook with a happy home for an article on how to keep your kids safe and happy during a divorce

When divorce hits your door, a parenting plan should also knock. While divorce may be a solution to issues ailing your relationship, it is the beginning of other issues surrounding parenting. Divorce affects your kids and the existing family dynamics. Therefore, you need to create a solid parenting plan to help your children feel secure. […]

African american father talking to upset mixed race kid daughter saying goodbye to sad preschool girl before leaving family with suitcase, black parents divorce and shared child custody concept to create a parenting plan.
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