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Black males are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white males.

Successful Black Parenting magazine is proud to collaborate with Dope Black Dads Podcast. Last Father’s Day, Marvyn Harrison, an advertising executive from London, decided to create a WhatsApp group with all of the positive Black fathers he knew from New York, London, and South Africa. He wished them a Happy Fathers’ Day, congratulated them on the […]

Successful Black Parenting

Contributed Post: We recently celebrated International Men’s Day. It’s a contentious awareness day. Some would argue that men do not need a day of international recognition since the cultural, economic and business decks are tipped so heavily in their favor but when it comes to Black men, we know that the deck is often stacked […]

successful black parenting

Reflections of a proud father: My daughter Kathryn, declared after graduating from Kindergarten, “Girls can do anything dad. One day, I’m gonna be a doctor!” I responded incredulously, “You go girl!” I will revisit this premise again at the close of this article. “Girls can do anything dad. One day, I’m gonna be a doctor!” […]

From 1993 to 2012, the prevalence of suicide attempts among Black boys nearly doubled, and the rate of self-injury has climbed steadily in recent years. Despite these staggering figures, the stigma of many Black folks, particularly fathers, continues to perpetuate this public health crisis. Photo by Lacy Atkins I do not raise this issue to […]

Successful Black Parenting

My 4-year-old son, Owen, is the coolest lil’ dude you’ll ever meet. Now I’ll admit, I may be somewhat biased because I’m his dad. But he really is pretty amazing. He is smart, but don’t just take my word for it, his preschool teacher said he has an “engineer’s brain,” and she should know because […]

Successful Black Parenting
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