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BackTalk – The Talk Show

If you are looking to grow and be empowered listen to this podcast. It’s all about self-care and becoming the best mom and woman you can be WITHOUT the burnout! I interviewed, Muffy Mendoza, the author of the book “The Brown Mama Mindset,” about moms like YOU achieving personal growth, self-care, and a peace-of-mind! Watch […]

Successful black parenting

I’m talking with Dr. April Lisbon. She is an autism coach, a 19-year veteran school psychologist, and who is a mom raising a child that is autistic and dyslexic. We are discussing special needs children, diagnosis, and family support. If you know of someone who needs to watch this podcast, please share it with them […]

Successful black parenting

Dr. Carl James co-wrote a series of guidelines that are designed to support parents’ and guardians’ involvement in the education of Black children. These guidelines are a road map for parents from junior kindergarten all the way to graduation to their first year of college. Ask him questions live on-air about your child’s school. Watch […]

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You Don’t Want To Miss This Episode! I’m chatting with  Norman Alston, math genius helping Black kids excel in numbers. He has been seen on TedX. Norman has an innovative approach to teaching mathematics and learning numbers. He is constantly DEVELOPING new community-based INITIATIVES and SERVICES to SUPPORT higher mathematic achievement in Black children. He […]

Successful black parenting

Dr. Noorhasan is a successful fertility physician who has helped thousands of women achieve pregnancy and parenthood. I asked the questions that you want to hear. If you have ever struggled with conception or know of someone who has, share this link. Dr. Noorhasan has a new book that is available on, titled “Miracle […]

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Black male teachers address this question and there are plenty of answers. Listen to our BACKtalk podcast and discover what this Black male teacher has to say.

Successful black parenting magazine
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