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The holidays are coming up fast and here are some ways to help you mentally manage family get-togethers as a parent.

Mentally Managing Family Get-Togethers

Your child doesn’t sleep all night? You might not be doing it right. Try these expert tips from sleep trainers to get a good night’s sleep.

Go To Bed! Getting Children To Go To Sleep

Kids will be kids. Sometimes they fall in with the wrong crowd and sometimes they’ll do something stupid because they just don’t stop for a moment to think about the consequences. And sometimes they find themselves in trouble with the police and get charged with a criminal offense.Will a childhood criminal record affect them for […]

Can A Criminal Record Obtained As A Child Affect Children When They Become Adults?

We are loving this new book by Rebel Girls: Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls: 100 Real-Life Tales of Black Girl Magic.

100 Real-Life Tales Of Black Girl Magic

Encouraging friendship when a child has autism. This is the perspective of a parent on how to make friends.

Encouraging Friendship When A Child Has Autism

If you have school-age children, you already know the challenges of making sure they stay on top of homework, classroom learning, activities, projects, special assignments, and other chores related to academics. Have you ever wondered whether there’s an efficient way to make sure you have all the bases covered? One technique that works for many moms and dads of students is to view the entire […]

School Lessons from Mom and Dad

School Lessons from Mom and Dad

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