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Activity | 8 Easy DIY Travel Activities For Kids

February 14, 2018

February 14, 2018


raster2. Scavenger Traveler (Ages 5-15) – Create a scavenger list that children can check off just by looking out of the windows. Add things, such as a tall building, a lake or pond, a bicycle, a cow, a dog, a motorcycle, a tractor, a bridge, a green car, a store, a motorhome, a church, a stop sign, a camper, a farm and a tent. Here is a free printable scavenger hunt card from that you can download.

3. Lego Challenge Box (Ages 6-9) – Put together a plastic box with Legos in it and these free downloadable printables of specific Lego formations by Then, challenge your child to duplicate them. Time it, so your child can keep track of her/his best time. Use the cover of the plastic box as an activity table that you child can hold on his/her lap in the back seat of the car.

Lego Challenge Set 1 | Lego Challenge Set 2 | Lego Challenge Set 3

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Photo Source:

4. License Plate Games (Ages 5+) – Print out this free game sheet by Moritz Fine Designs that you can download and cross out license plates as you find them. They suggest using variations of the games to keep your child busy such as:

  • Georgia License PlatePut a time limit on the game (how many plates can you find in an hour?)
  • Whoever gets all plates that start with the letter “M” or “N” (or whatever letter you pick) first, wins.
  • The first person to find 15 plates wins.
  • Rest Area SignTry to get a horizontal or vertical row filled up, the first person who does, wins.

Dry Erase Games (Ages 6+)  Print out the following free printable games by in color, put them in a 8 1/2 x 11 inch sleeve and give the children washable dry erase markers and you’re all set. Download them below.

5. Road Sign Game

6. Road Trip Maze

7. The Rainbow Car Game

8. Tic Tac Toe

9. ABC Road Trip Game

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